Official Bio:

Sean M. P. Kennedy is a producer and analyst of cultural politics and political cultures in the U.S. and Anglophone worlds. A former print, online, and advocacy journalist, Dr. Kennedy served for two years in the English department of Gettysburg College and is now building his own production and consulting company, Fono-Teknion Records. Trained in Black studies, postcolonial studies, and American studies, Kennedy’s research, teaching, and artistic practices expand understandings of global political economy, governance, and social relations; decolonization and abolition; and political, cultural, and media form. In this context, his first monograph (in progress), Original Gangsters: Violence, “Crime,” and the Genres of Liberal Democracy, demonstrates how and why liberal truth claims are created and sustained to limit progress in multiracial, representatively governed societies.

Kennedy holds a Ph.D. in English from the Graduate Center of the City University of New York; an M.F.A. in fiction from Rutgers University–Newark; and a B.A. in English and modern studies from the University of Virginia. His scholarship and public writing have appeared in numerous places, including the academic venues Social Text and The Popular Culture Studies Journal, and his digital-media works span major social-media channels. A resident of New York City for 20 years, he now splits his time between Los Angeles and Philadelphia.

Contact & Miscellany:

I welcome inquiries via email and invite you to check out my public recordings, most of which are accessible online (Google “SMKOG33” to find them).

Finally, see my earlier websites for archived content, including blog posts: the first, established in 2010 (though some elements tweaked over the years), and the second, on the CUNY Academic Commons, established in 2014. This website established April 2017 and periodically updated.

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Me at the University of the Witwatersrand Historical Papers archive on the last stretch of my six-week research trip to South Africa, July-August 2015.
In the University of the Witwatersrand Historical Papers archive, August 2015.